Dear Shareholders,

2015 was especially demanding due to the difficult conditions of the world economy and, in particular, in the construction sector, but was also quite positive for Martifer, which was able to increase its turnover comparing with the previous year in around 17 %, a significant recovery in the operational performance, with a positive EBITDA of around 11.4 million euros and a positive net profit for the period of 1.2 million euros (including non-controlling interests).

We were also able to achieve the main goals in the execution of the 2015 Action Plan, namely the conclusion of the financial restructuring process, the improvement of processes and operational efficiency and the reorganization of the international presence.

We carried on with the sale of non-core assets, having materialized the sale of real estate assets in Portugal and in Poland and the process of sale of the construction sector in Brazil.

The conclusion of the financial restructuring, with the agreement reached with the main financial institutions allowed us, among other goals, to significantly reduce the financing cost and to increase the average maturity of the debt (to around eight years), as well as to reinforce the permanent capital structure.

In the metallic constructions area:

-We reinforced the operational capacity in West Sea (the naval shipyard in Viana do Castelo);
-We advanced towards an ownership structure simplification through the merger of several companies.

In the Renewables area:

-We concluded the sale of the Gizalki wind farm, in Poland, to Ikea Group.

Following the steps taken in 2014 and 2015, in 2016 we will continue focused on the main goals defined in the Group’s strategy:

-Reinforcement of the international presence;
-Focus on the metallic constructions’, the naval industry’s and the renewables’ (through asset rotation) core businesses;
-Consolidation of the adopted organizational model, keeping the focus on:

  • Resizing and readapting the structure, aligning it with the reinforcement of the international presence;
  • Improvement of the business processes and operational efficiency;
  • Development and retention of human resources;
  • Optimization of the industrial footprint and adjustment of production layouts.
-Improvement of the Group’s financial situation:

  • Divestment in non-core businesses and sale of real estate assets;
  • Reduction of cash costs, through a program for the optimization of the cost structure and the working capital;
  • radual decrease of the net debt and the debt/EBITDA ratio.

We would also like to highlight that in 2015 Martifer celebrated its 25th anniversary, a milestone that makes us proud, especially its founders.

Lastly, we would like to thank our employees and co-workers for their commitment and on whom we continue to count on to achieve the defined goals, and all our stakeholders for their support and trust.

2015 Annual Report